The roll-out to Jay-Z's forthcoming twelfth solo album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, is bringing his "I'm not a businessman/I'm a business, man" mantra to never-before-seen levels. Kept well under wraps so far, the album doesn't come out til Thursday. (Though people who have a Samsung Galaxy phone will be able to download it Monday.) But since that three-minute-long television commercial ran during game 5 of the NBA finals, boasting that all-star-team of legendary (if a bit long-in-their-teeth) producers, Jay and his partners at Samsung have been tag-teaming us with more commercials, lyric sheets, billboards and scavenger hunts to stoke interest in the release. (Hardly seems necessary, right?) What we'd really like, of course, is some MUSIC!

The Quack is Back! Dope song & even better video check it out!


Big ups to all the fam over at Skee TV. They've been showing me love from day one and it's been a pleasure working alongside such an amazing team. Had the privilege to share some of my story on how I got be where I am today on one of their new shows, "The Showcase". Make sure you check out the video and feel more than free to drop a comment!  


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